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SEO Content & Copywriting Training Course

Optimise your SEO content planning, writing & marketing

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£495.00 £460.00 (until 6 Apr) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.30pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

With Google constantly changing the goal posts with its algorithm updates, creating quality, rich and topical content has never been so important. Websites and blogs that don't respect the latest search engine updates are more likely to drop in search rank, which can significantly affect visitor volume and bottom line.

If you're a copywriter, copy editor, blogger or a marketer responsible for writing web content, deploying the latest SEO techniques will give you a competitive advantage by improving your search rank and performance. 

This engaging and interactive training course will reveal the latest trends, research and tools empowering attendees to adopt the latest SEO content and copywriting strategies and measure their positive impact.

Course Programme

Content Planning & Strategy

  • Using tools to carry out effective keyword research
  • Exploding the myth around how people really search
  • Tools and techniques to review your competitive landscape
  • Writing competitively: finding the low hanging fruit
  • Novices vs experts: planning content around different personas
  • Measuring and leveraging your best performing content

Optimising On-Page Content

  • Exploring Google's latest quality guidelines
  • How user experience is impacting SEO and what to do about it
  • Optimising website metadata to improve search and social performance
  • Page length factors in SEO
  • Tools to measure and improve readability

Dealing With Duplicate Or Plagiarised Content

  • Monitoring and addressing duplicate content issues
  • Tools to discover plagiarised content
  • Techniques for protecting copy content

SEO & Content Marketing

  • How the content marketing revolution is impacting SEO
  • Proven B2B and B2C content marketing strategies
  • Content marketing strategies for PR pros, bloggers and marketers

The Semantic Web & Beyond...

  • Migrating from keyword to semantic and entity search 
  • Google Knowledge Graph and Hummingbird: their impact on content creation
  • The future: planning content for semantic search

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Deploy the latest SEO content planning and copywriting techniques
  • Use online tools to carry out keyphrase research
  • Write competitively in your sector
  • Deploy on-page optimisation writing techniques to improve search rank
  • Write effective metadata to improve search engine click through rates
  • Apply best practice content marketing techniques
  • Improve your CMS, blog or website architecture
  • Monitor duplicate or plagiarised content
  • Plan for future developments in semantic and entity search

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a soft copy of course materials and four weeks post course support online.

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This course typically attracts copywriters, journalists, PR professionals, bloggers, content editors and marketing managers. Prior knowledge of SEO or writing for the web is not essential.

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This course will be led by Jonathan Saipe, founder of Emarketeers. Jonathan has been involved in search marketing since the late 90's. He worked at Publicis, the global advertising agency as Internet Development Director, launching many digital marketing campaigns for blue chip clients. He later went on to co-found FIFO Digital Media, a boutique web design and development agency, which is now in its 11th year.

Jonathan's SEO copywriting experience runs very deep, having worked with a large range of B2B and B2C clients assisting them with their search and content strategies.

See more details about Jonathan Saipe »

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The course was really well presented and pitched at someone, like me, who is leading on content. SEO is continually evolving and absolutely key to the success of our content.

I've come away with a great deal of inspiration and very useful tips to use going forward. Brilliant introduction to properly planning web content and using it to improve ranking. Excellent Course!

The course gave a great overview of SEO copywriting and web writing. There was a good balance of theory, examples and practical. Many of the suggestions I will be implementing immediately.

An interesting, intense journey through the world of SEO copywriting and web writing. Made enjoyable by good content and a great trainer who clearly knows his stuff and was able to give interesting helpful and even humourous explanations and examples. Thanks.

This SEO copywriting course is a must for all copywriters who work in the digital sector. There's no point in writing a great website if it will never be read by anyone, and this course will help you to maximise your chances of being seen. Jonathan is excellent - clear and attentive - and I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

The SEO copywriting course is an absolutely excellent starting point for people who are new to the area. I had very little knowledge of SEO copywriting and feel much more informed and confident after the course. Money well spent!

Great course absolutely packed full of information and the chance to apply the skills 'for real' too. Worth every penny.

I have attended three very different courses on SEO over the past 18 months. This course was by far the best. Jonathan is an excellent trainer and his in-depth and up-to-date knowledge was clear. SEO is a complex subject in parts and yet he explored many of the myths and provided a clear, concise and accessible overview. The course provided lots of useful information but there were also interactive exercises and case studies to highlight key points and reinforce learning. I left feeling confident and well equipped to implement these new skills in my day-to-day work.

A really clear and concise introduction to SEO copywriting - I know an awful lot more than I did before! Looking forward to implementing my new-found skills. Thank you!

Interesting and enjoyable course. The moment of truth was two days later when I sat down to see if I could make sense of my notes - I could and have now made a good start in planning our website copy.

The SEO Copywriting course was insightful, engaging and most importantly, educational. I learnt a great deal in informal and fun surroundings and walked away with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I would recommend it.

A very engaging and accessible course that I enjoyed and found very useful. Great food too!

I was really impressed with this course. I found every element very interesting and completely useful and found the teaching really easy to follow.

Great facilities and environment, friendly and helpful staff and tutors, clearly taught and presented course, and wonderful food!

Brilliant course! A real eye-opener! I loved the content of the course and the fact that we could use our own companies as examples to practice on. Very rarely you go on a course and have hands-on approach like this one. I learned a lot in just one day and I will definitely recommend this course to all copywriters and SEO specialists.

As a freelance copywriter, I would thoroughly recommend this course to other copywriters wishing to hone their SEO skills and most importantly, to stay up-to-date.

A thoroughly engaging and informative day. Even worth getting up at 3am and £500 of my own cash!

Great course - good content, easy to understand and a great tutor.

The course was fun, insightful and really interesting, the tutor was knowledgeable and engaging combined with a great venue. I came away having learned something that I feel I can apply to work and make a real difference!

Thoroughly recommended. Even for writers and content managers who believe they have a fair degree of SEO copy knowledge, this course provides a great deal of additional information and inspiration. A clear, logical, structured approach to the subject, with a very good introduction to keyword tools and useful practical exercises.

The progress I have made in my knowledge levels in just one day was amazing. I would very much recommend this course to anyone who feels they would benefit, even if their current understanding is very minimal. Thank you!

Packed with information, yet easy to follow. I look forward to putting it all into practice.

Ultra-clear, de-fuzzing of a techy subject - made even better by the entertaining and knowledgeable tuition and delicious lunch.

An interesting, informative and suprisingly fun insight into what lies behind Google's results, and how we might effect them.

The SEO Copywriting course I attended was informative, entertaining and very useful. Would definitely recommend!

I found the course to be of real practical benefit. Everything I learned will have a direct impact on how I work and hopefully, our search engine position going forward.

I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to understand how to tangibly improve their website content without being overawed by over-technical jargon.

The training provided by Emarketeers is one of the best one day training courses I have attended. There was an excellent depth of content covered and I came away feeling I had really picked up a lot in just one day.

Being from a traditional PR & Marketing Communications background, the course gave me an invaluable insight into the best practices for writing searchable copy.

An excellent course that keeps me up-to-date with the very latest techniques.

The course was clear and informative. It provided a wide range of information, from SEO and copywriting basics, through to the latest trends and debates.

Excellent course. Superbly structured, incredibly thorough yet consistently engaging and interesting. Would highly recommend.

Fantastic course - covered everything to help me begin in my new role. Excellent tutor, course and venue.

The SEO Copywriting course was a great addition to my pure marketing/PR background, providing a great platform for future improvements. During the seminar I was able to ask questions specific to my company so I got some very valuable tips that are going to be implemented soon.

E-marketeers are experts in their fields offering insight and in-depth knowledge in clear and interesting sessions. The course leaders are friendly and keen to offer you the most from your session, providing you with more information and guidance even after the course has finished. I will be recommending them to other colleagues and friends.

Coming from an offline copywriting background, I was keen to learn the secret to writing online copy that achieved high SEO rankings - this course offered everything I needed to know and has given me some valuable tips/tools to do my job well, thank you!

The SEO Copywriting course included a brilliant, theoretical structure which we implemented with examples throughout the day to ensure we all thoroughly understood the topics introduced.

Well organised and informative course, course leader very helpful (wished I'd asked more targetted questions) the venue was also very good.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a bucket load of tips that I'm already using. I now need a bigger bucket, great!

Thank you for an excellent course - lots a great content, delivered at just the right level for me.

Useful and jammed packed with content I was able to apply the very next day.

Packed full of relevant and applicable tips it really is quite simply a fantastic SEO course and essential for anyone who wants to write successful online copy.

An excellent course, taught by a clear and approachable course leader. A must for anyone who writes for the web.

A super interesting course which will be useful for many areas of online marketing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO Copywriting course. It was useful, informative and gave me the tools to really make a difference to our ranking. I would highly recommend this to anyone who writes copy for the web.

There's no point in writing for the web if no one is reading it! The SEO copywriting course was very useful in helping me understand how to make our site findable.

I suggest you book your place now. Although I tend to shy away from technology, its essential to learn how your audience searches for information so that you can engage with them. I gained practical know-how which will help me write better web copy.

No hesitation in recommending this SEO copywriting course. Informed and professional guide to the subject, delivered by a friendly and approachable course leader.

I found this course extremely useful - a comprehensive step by step guide to SEO copywriting. There was an amazing amount of information crammed into the day but I never felt rushed or overwhelmed.

Thought the course was very good and professional relaxed balance on the presentation. Wasn't heavy on SEO/Computer jargons and easy to follow. Thanks!

I found the SEO copywriting course very eye opening and have definitely taken away learnings that can be implemented immediately and relatively easily and will improve our digital marketing.

The SEO Copywriting course was the most useful and interesting course I've attended for a very long time. It went beyond the theory and taught practical copywritiing skills, tools and tips to enhance SEO which I can immediately put into practice back at work - which is exactly what I needed to learn. Thank you!

An excellent learning experience, professionally presented in a clear, friendly and well thought manner.

I really enjoyed the course, it was well paced with lots of practical advice, and I'm now looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into my next SEO project!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone interested in developing a strategy for their own SEO campaign.

The SEO Copywriting course is an excellent way to learn how to fine tune your web copy to increase custom to your website.

Thorough and invaluable guide to creating effective web copy.

I really enjoyed the SEO Coywriting course: fast paced, informative and engaging. I will definitely use the tips, skills and info discussed on the course.

This course is ideal for copywriters looking to expand their skills range to include SEO; it covers the basics and provides good grounding for further independent research.

I thought the practical examples of websites were really good and the excercises helped to consololidate the learning, which made putting it all into practice much less daunting.

Emarketeers have really got their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest in SEO and for a Marketing Manger wanting to maximise their company website, the training session is extremely worthwhile

The SEO copywriting was a great course, and I'm looking forward to implementing what I've learnt on our website.

The course covered everything I needed to know about search engine copywiritng. I now have all the tools required to optimise our websites for organic search. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend future courses from Emarketeers to my colleagues.

A very useful course which did a great job of explaining some of those terms you hear but don't really understand! The small group size was excellent - it enabled me to ask questions whenever I wanted to and we were able to focus on our own websites throughout the day.

The SEO copywriting course was clear, concise and well paced. The comfortable surroundings added to the experience and success of the day.

Now I feel fully equipped to confidently offer SEO as a service to our clients, which will enhance the creative value we bring to the websites we write and design.

This is an essential course for all online copywriters.

I found the [writing for the web] course very enlightening and useful and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any writers wanting to learn about SEO tools.

I would recommend [the online copywriting course] to others with limited knowledge of SEO. I learned about key tools for raising my client's online visibility which is a valuable part of managing their reputation.

The SEO Copywriting course is one of the best copywriting courses I have attended. It taught me countless hints and tips on improving my web copy and made me eager to put them into practice as soon as possible.

The SEO Copywriting course was extremely informative and I learned a lot. Working in such a small group in such a creative environment made it personal and fun and I will definitely be looking at doing further courses with Emarketeers.

I found the [SEO copywriting] course really informative - the knowledge I gained has already helped me win a new piece of business. Worth every penny.

I wouldn't hesitate in recoommending emarketeers to anyone looking for SEO - the course was well-paced, thorough, and crucially, allowed plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

A well presented, thorough course that covers all areas of SEO copywriting. The small groups make the overall feel informal, plus there's more opportunity for questions and answers.

If you think all SEO copywriting courses advocate keyword stuffing and writing 15 more paragraphs of text that are actually needed - and I'll confess, I did - think again.

Emarketeers provided a well structured, relaxed and highly informative SEO copywriting course that was both inspiring and practical.

Excellent course leader, friendly and knowledegable.

The course provided a clear and comprehensive explanation of how SEO functions and what steps are needed to create content that is ethical and effective.

The SEO Copywriting course was packed with useful information which I can apply immediately for the benefit of the business.

SEO Copywriting is a concise yet extremely informative course, delivered in a professional yet friendly and approachable manner. A must for those new to SEO, the course will give you valuable knowledge and excellent leads for you to build on.

The course explains in as little or as much detail as you need how to get more traffic to your site and, crucially, how to convert that into making a sale or getting people to donate.

Really enjoyed the [SEO Copywriting] course - would love to do the advanced SEO course. Many thanks.

Thoroughly enjoyed the [SEO copywriting] day. Found it interesting and inspirational. Even if I miss 80% in my future copywriting, I will have improved my SEO techniques drastically!

As a visual copywriter it's great to discover so much about web-writing, without needing a master's degree in html too. Vive la Revolution.

An extremely thorough and well thought out course. Would recommend to any budding copywriters.

I found this course extremely useful. Although I am not a copywriter, from an account management perspective it was invaluable to know this information so that I can educate my clients on the importance of SEO copywriting and search!

I found this course to be extremely informative. I'm amazed by how much I learnt in such a short space of time!

You have provided our writers with the perfect tools and skillset to help our clients' businesses grow and succeed online.

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