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SEO Foundation Training Course

Learn the latest SEO strategies to propel your search performance

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£395.00 (20% off) Book Now
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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

SEO is widely recognised as a fundamental part of any digital marketer's arsenal, yet it still remains elusive and misunderstood by many marketers who still follow older redundant SEO techniques.  

Emarketeers' industry recognised SEO foundation training course demystifies the jargon associated with search engine optimisation helping marketers, designers or developers create successful SEO campaigns that will compliment other online marketing activity.

The day is packed full of useful strategies, case studies, recommended tools and the very latest research on best practices. It aims to empower attendees to either run their own SEO campaigns or to better manage their SEO agency relationships.

This session is very interactive and will give attendees a chance to ask questions about their own SEO campaigns.

Course Programme

Search Marketing Landscape

  • Overview of the search marketing landscape
  • The latest Google algorithm updates and their effect on search campaigns
  • A review of the risks when running SEO campaigns

SEO Campaign Planning

  • Setting and measuring SEO goals and objectives
  • Keyword research and planning: outsmarting your competitors
  • Using research tools to influence your site structure
  • How the psychology of user search behaviour impacts on website design
  • Competitor benchmarking - techniques and tools

Technical SEO factors

  • Understanding how search engines crawl websites
  • Creating and submitting web, image and video sitemaps
  • Technical factors that will influence your search engine inclusion
  • Techniques to deal with duplicate or similar content
  • Dealing with migrating or relaunching websites
  • How to improve local search performance

On-page optimisation

  • How to optimise site metadata to improve search CTR
  • Deploying structured data to improve search visbility 
  • Using the Open Graph and Twitter Cards to improve social visbility
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools to improve user engagement
  • Managing your web designers: 5 case studies of poor web design
  • Using free and paid-for tools to run SEO audits

Link building

  • A masterclass in link building science
  • Modern ethical link building techniques
  • Content marketing strategies in a post Google Penguin age
  • Social Media and its effect on link building
  • Optimising your website architecture for link building

Running SEO Campaigns

  • Different structured approaches to running SEO campaigns
  • Final exercise: live SEO audit

The Future of Search

  • Future SEO trends to consider

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Following this training course, you will understand how to:

  • Optimise your website search rank and performance
  • Use online tools to carry out keyphrase and market research
  • Perform competitor benchmarking using tools and advanced search commands
  • Implement best practices relating to search engine inclusion and exclusion
  • Implement best practice SEO web design, copywriting and site architecture
  • Create a comprehensive brief or checklist for your SEO agency or web design agency
  • Select the best approaches to running your SEO campaigns
  • Carry out effective link building and off-page optimisation
  • Choose between outsourcing your SEO versus keeping it in-house

All attendees receive training certification, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The SEO Foundation course attracts delegates from a variety of backgrounds including marketing, IT, design and content delivery. The course is suitable for both clients and agencies.

This course requires delegates to bring a WiFi enabled laptop for exercises.

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The SEO training course in London and Manchester will be led by Jonathan Saipe, founder of Emarketeers. Jonathan has been involved in search marketing since the late 90's. He worked at Publicis, the global advertising agency as Internet Development Director, launching many digital marketing campaigns for blue chip clients. He is a well-known speaker, blogger and commentator in the field of SEO and search marketing. 

Read more about Jonathan Saipe »

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A must-go-to course for any SEO newbies contemplating tackling this area. The course gives you a clear insight into SEO and practical ideas into tackling your own.

Thanks to Jonathan for being so friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I walked away re-energised and knowing 'I CAN do this!' and I can't wait to start.

To get an understanding of SEO quickly and without the confusion that can come out of going it alone, I can't recommend this course enough. The day was jam packed so much material and I walked away armed with new strategies to test out.

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to get a better grip of SEO, and learn useful tips and approaches to help them and their company benefit, and ultimately their customers.

Fantastic course for anyone wanting to learn about SEO, easy to follow, covers many key areas and is easy to understand.

Superb SEO course, I'd highly recommend even if you think you're an SEO expert.

The SEO Foundation course was exactly what I'd hoped for – informative, fast-paced and hugely enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the course and feel like I have the practical knowledge I need to start working on SEO projects. I would definitely recommend it!

Jonathan was extremely supportive throughout the day, answered all our questions and coached rather than lectured. This is a course I would recommend to anyone needing to learn or confirm their SEO knowledge.

The SEO Foundation Course exceeded my expectations and more. I have taken away more from this one day intense course than months of training elsewhere. Money well spent. I recommend to everyone and anyone. Jonathan is great at what he does and goes out of his way to explain, demonstrate and share his breadth of knowledge with everyone he meets. Thank you so much Emarketeers.

This course gave me the knowledge I need to tackle SEO head on. I feel like I have more authority on the subject and can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice!

The course has equipped me with the tools to provide a full SEO service as part of an integrated PR and marketing service to clients.

I found this course detailed and progressive. I walked out with enough knowledge to start working on SEO in my company right away!

The SEO course was extremely well presented and helped simplify an area which is becoming increasingly more important to our business. It has given me a framework that I can immediately apply to my business. Overall a very useful course with a good mixture of interaction, theory and best practice.

Great course, excellent venue and well run. Jonathan is engaging and knows his stuff.

I took a one day emarketeers SEO copywriting course in 2011. It was so comprehensive and well explained that SEO content writing and website project management is now my core business. I have also booked courses for comms and marketing professionals within my clients' organisations, including the NHS in south London, to ensure they could benefit from the latest in SEO content knowledge.

Have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in both the PPC and SEO courses as I wanted to get a good insight into SEM in general. Jonathan makes it sound so easy and common sense that I'm confident of being able to get more involved from now on :)

A brilliant, thought provoking day. Started out knowing nothing about SEO and came away buzzing with ideas. Jonathan was excellent - both engaging and knowledgeable, would thoroughly recommend!

The SEO course addresses all your misconceptions and what you thought you knew about SEO! The trainer Jonathan is really great, and I came away with so much more knowledge and ideas than I can use in my job right away.

An extremely informative SEO course that covered everything you needed to know as well as information on where to find out more to keep your knowledge up-to-date. I would definitely recommend.

One of the most interesting training courses I've done for a while. Understanding the importance of SEO and how to use it effectively in my own work is going to pay dividends. The way the course was delivered was concise and up-to-date and the trainers are clearly experts but make you feel comfortable learning regardless of technical capability.

A fantastic course full of useful tips and tools. My head is buzzing with loads of ideas to improve the SEO service I provide to my clients.

A great starter course for someone looking to take on SEO for their company. I'd definitely recommend it.

I would definitely recommend the SEO course to anyone looking to either refresh current skills or if you've never done SEO before, as the course is adaptable for both. I came away from the course excited with new information and skills I could implement straight away. Thank you!

I felt the course was well presented and the content excellent. The areas covered were varied and relevant, enabling my team and I to expand our web presence and improve our website rank and performance.

A really good course. I learned a fantastic amount. It made me look at our whole strategy with a fresh perspective. If food were thought, I now feel like Mr Creasote from Monty Python!

I found this course very useful. I had a basic knowledge of SEO before, but now I feel much more confident and left with an action plan for my website. Lots of useful tips and dos and donts. Would recommend to anybody wanting to learn more about SEO.

Jonathan is a very responsive and evidently experienced trainer who was able to judge pace and complexity and keep everyone engaged. Great!

I found this course very useful and most importantly I came away with lots of practical advice which I can apply to projects I am working on.

The SEO course and tutor were amazing, especially as it is a subject that changes on a weekly basis. I learned so much and I have so much more confidence doing my daily role as a Web Project Manager.

Really useful and enjoyable SEO course. I found out that half the practices I'd been using were no longer relevant, and gained knowledge and tools to use start implementing effective SEO practices instead.

The SEO course was extremely comprehensive and excellently presented!

I enjoyed the course and found it very informative. There are certainly some actions I will implement as a result of attending the course.

I found the course interesting and lively. Information was backed-up with useful statistics. A very well presented course.

I thought the course was excellent and very well delivered! It covered all the essential topics in the right amount of detail and was suited to both those from a marketing and a technical background. Highly recommended!!

Very well presented course covering the essentials of SEO aligned to best practice implementation. It gave the team a good insight into SEO and demonstrated the do's and don'ts.

The SEO training course was incredibly insightful and Jonathan was a great host and teacher!

The SEO training course I attended was excellent, You made the 'geeky' stuff enjoyable to learn. I thoroughly recommend this course - you will gain so much knowledge!

As a person with limited knowledge of SEO, I felt I came away from the course confident enough to implement SEO for my own company. The course provided me with the skills and knowledge in a very enjoyable and interesting manner.

The SEO training course imparted practical, geeky knowledge in an enjoyable, ungeeky way. Thoroughly recommended for anyone who needs to understand the hows and whys of SEO.

An excellent course, full of useful and practical information and presented in a way that made what could have been dry and overly techy, easily understandable and relevant to my organisation and its digital channels.

Very useful course! A lot of email marketing content covered in a day of training; the trainer was very knowledgeable and made the course enjoyable and easy to put into practice.

A really insightful day. I left the course with a clear plan as to how to approach SEO for the 6 websites that we are currently developing.

A really informative and well run course, suitable for all levels.

A well-taught, interesting and extremely thorough overview of SEO. The only problem is realising how much there is to act upon afterwards!

This course will genuinely teach you 'how to do SEO' and the experience was very stimulating!

Great course delivered at the perfect level for the people in the room who ranged from technical people to marketing non technical. Would highly recomend this course to anyone who is involved in ecommerce.

This intense but fascinating course brings creativity and new SEO strategies to get your company competing in the major search engines.

I would thoroughly recommend the course. I feel the course greatly expanded upon the things I already new and furthered my understanding.

An excellent course if you want to understand how SEM works, how to approach it and make it work for your business!

After completing this course I felt I had a good grasp on SEO and felt confident enough to implement our own SEO campaign in-house. It has also helped me to communicate our needs more effectively with our website developers. A great course, thanks!

The SEO course I attended was very enjoyable. I came away with a list of ways to use SEO at work and was made to feel confident that I could achieve a lot through the methods explained to us.

The course really made sense of all the SEO research I had tried to do independently. I now have a clear vision of how to put together an SEO plan for my company. Hopefully we'll start to see the results soon!

Fascinating course, came out excited and brimming with new ideas, thank you.

This course was excellent. I came out knowing how to use practical tools to start making improvements right away. Really useful, and well worth the investment, thank you!

I thought the course was brilliant - enjoyable and extremely informative. Highly recommended.

I took a lot from the SEO course with multiple follow up actions that I'm confident will improve the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

An excellent, well structured course, run with a personal and tailored approach catering to the individual delegates' needs. Worth every penny.

A really useful course to build upon basic SEO skills. Very well delivered and definitely recommended.

SEO can seem a minefield of opinion and varying trends. This course gave me a platform and a definite action list of key areas I now know will have an absolute and measurable impact on my site. I cannot recommend this enough to marketeers, webmasters and designers.

This course has provided me with an excellent detailed knowledge of SEO. Along with a list of practical actions, I can now update our website with confidence that it will improve our rankings further.

The SEO course was very informative and gave me many ideas to go away with and improve the exposure of my site on search engines.

The SEO course was fantastic, well paced and enjoyable. I already knew a fair bit about SEO before the course (self taught for 6 months) but there were plenty of angles and tactics discussed that I hadn't considered. I would definitely recommend the SEO course to anyone!

I really enjoyed the SEO course I attended. I felt it was clearly presented, informative and interesting. I have a greater understanding of the subject of SEO and now, thanks to the course, have the tools to apply and manage it properly.

Emarketeers turn the dark arts of SEO into simple practical advice and strategy that you can start to use the moment you leave the training room. Would highly recommend.

I would strongly recommend this course. There are many areas of SEO that I was unaware of and have taken away numerous ideas.

I was very impressed with the whole day from the enthusiasm of the staff to the literature and afternoon sweets - highly reccomended!

For anyone looking for a detailed and straight to the point SEO course, this one day event is a must. From understanding how your competitors use long-term links to strategy planning, I found this course exceptionally informative and easy to digest, with practical ways to implement the changes yourself or understand the process to manage an SEO agency.

A great course - very concise and interesting. Has backed up everything I work on and I've gained further knowledge and insight that I otherwise wouldn't have from my day-to-day working environment.

I think the course was fantastic, a really enjoyable day with so much detail. Great that you could take away a booklet to refresh your memory.

The course was very well structured suited to both those from a marketing and a technical background. Highly recommended!!

I thought the SEO training was very informative and came away brimming with ideas about how I could put it all into practice.

Great SEO course. I would strongly recommend it. Great trainer, great materials, great tips!

Excellent SEO course covering all the essential topics in the right amount of detail. Will really help improve the site I work on.

This course provides an excellent overview of the key aspects of SEO and gave me plenty of material to work with afterwards. The course content is excellent and the whole day is well organised.

Excellent course, extremely well presented with excellent content. All very relevant to my business.


Brilliant course which helps to define the different aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, while also dispelling common SEO myths.

I would highly recommend anyone with limited SEO knowledge to attend this course. Jonathan was a fantastic tutor and I've come away with the skills needed to improve our company website.

The course provided an interesting insight into the world of SEO, although I have now managed to create a lot of work for myself!!

Brilliant course! I found it not only comprehensive and informative but enjoyable too. Gave me a real insight into not only understanding the fundamentals of search result ranking, but practical, usuable, ways to optimize my comany in search results. Thanks!

Great teachers with up-to-date knowledge in a relaxed environment. Amazing how much you can learn in a one day course!

A very illuminating and concise introduction to a complex subject. The course was well organised, good humoured, in a great location and the teaching was second to none; immensely useful.

Hugely stimulating, accessible and demystifying.

Excellent course for everybody from beginners through to experienced marketeers looking to refresh their SEO skills and knowledge.

The SEO course is well structured and presented, and combines professionalism in a relaxed atmosphere. A fantastically interactive environment that improved the quantity of information I was able to absorb and retain. The course content provided the insight that I required to feel comfortable in implementing SEO for my company's website and I would highly recommend this as a 'must experience' SEO course.

The course was perfect for someone wanting to touch up on their SEO knowledge.

I really enjoyed the SEO course. It was well paced with a good mixture of presentation, group exercises and Q&A. I'd certainly recommend it.

Emarketeers really understand what the attendees of their courses need to know. Everything talked about is relevant and can be put into practise as soon as you leave the course. Highly valuable and highly recommended.

The SEO course was massively informative and delivered at a pace that on completion most novices would be able to implement their own SEO strategies and boost online campaigns. Excellent value.

An essential course for anyone considering an SEO strategy, from both marketing and website development perspectives.

A great value course, as so much is covered in just one day. I now feel that I can understand and explain the workings of SEO, and ensure that suppliers are doing the right things.

Genuinely interesting and hugely informative. It was great to learn from such a knowledgeable source.

Not just informative, also entertaining. If you want a very good overview of SEO, this is the course to book.

This course is a must for anyone involved in optimising a company website, either via an outside agency or in-house. Clear and informative and you will definitely go away with practical SEO tips you will want to put into place straight away.

An insightful course, that really gives you a good steer on how to approach SEO.

A fast-paced whistle-stop tour of all things SEO that has helped even our most experienced marketers improve their approach to online marketing campaigns.

The [SEO] course was really informative and offered useful guidance for implementation of an effective SEO strategy.

This is a great introduction to the world of SEO, tackling all areas in a thorough and logical order. The course gave me a better understanding of the key elements of SEO and more confidence tackle SEO in-house

A very enjoyable and interesting course.

The course was enlightening and well presented. Within 24 hours I had discovered serious flaws in the way our developers created our site and took action to rectify them.

I had very basic knowledge of SEO before I attended this course but now I feel I have the ability to implement a targeted SEO plan for our company website. Big thank you!

I would highly recommend any company to invest in this course. A great insight and foundation in the baffling world of SEO.

I was extremely impressed with the [SEO] course, I only knew the very basics of SEO when I arrived and left with the confidence to start trying to get our websites to the top of the search engine natural listings. Also, the location at Wallacespace was very nice, food was good and atmosphere was comfortable.

I found Emarketeers' course to be excellent. Irrespective of handling an SEO campaign in-house or going out to an agency, the course gives you all you need to know in order to be confident with SEO. Very transparent and full of detail, great value for money.

Emarketeers provided an invaluable insight into SEO. It immediately highlighted the steps that we could take internally to improve our natural search listings. I also feel more confident in discussing SEO with agencies.

This certainly was a very useful course that I would recommend to anyone wanting to take a more proactive approach with the SEO of their site. I look forward to putting what was learnt into practice.

The SEO training course was excellent from start to finish, covering all topics and using a wide range of examples from prepared websites as well as the websites of attendants. I was able to learn everything about search engine optimisation in a day long session that was highly focussed and informative while feeling comfortable and relaxed.

I thought the SEO course was excellently delivered, moved at a pace which suited me and was tailored to our needs. I would recommend to others.

Many thanks, I understand the ins and outs of PPC and SEO so much better now and actually feel I can put what I've learnt into practice straight away.

This course is not only a must for anyone wanting to improve their SEO knowledge, but also a must for SEO experts to improve their motivation!

I found the [SEO training] course really useful and now feel confident that I can take forward new website campaigns effectively.

The SEO course was excellent. I feel that I learned a lot in just one day and the structured approach to building campaigns leaves you ready to start working straight away.

Emarketeers courses are very well structured and flow at an adequate pace for learners. The content is very good and excellently presented. The interaction between all members of the course is friendly which benefits the learning environment.

A great course for anyone looking to further their understanding of SEO and its importance in web design.

A good [SEO] course run by someone clearly very knowledgeable on their subject; hopefully some very useful skills picked up which will allow us to develop even faster than we already are.

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