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CPD - Continuing Professional Development

Boost your CPD hours with an Emarketeers training course

At Emarketeers we are committed to helping individuals and organisations enhance and maintain their digital skills, knowledge and professional development.

What is CPD?

In order to maintain a high level of knowledge, expertise and competency, many professions define CPD (Continuing Professional Development) as a structured approach to learning.

Achieve digital excellence with Emarketeers certification

Each Emarketeers course contributes to your CPD hours, which means the more courses you take with us, the larger your accumulated CPD total hours helping you achieve Emarketeers Certification.

How much does each course contribute?

When you book a course with Emarketeers, each course page displays a CPD logo indicating the amount of hours that course will contribute to your CPD learning hours.

How do you issue evidence of CPD hours spent training?

When you complete a training course with Emarketeers, we will issue you with a certificate highlighting the number of CPD hours achieved with us. You can then submit these hours to your place of work or professional certification body to which you belong.

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