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Future Technologies That Could Transform Your Business

Free Webinar featuring Rick Grundy CTO of TechDept

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Since the birth of the Internet and World Wide Web, true to Moore's Law, technology has evolved at an eye-watering pace. Technology has changed human social interaction, how we consume content and how businesses have evolved.

In a business environment, maintaining an awareness of technological change will almost inevitably have an impact on business operations and growth. 

During this free webinar, Rick Grundy, CTO of technology agency Techdept will aim to inspire and inform you with his views on future technologies and their positive effect on business transformation.

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Speaker Profile

Rick Grundy

Rick is CTO of Techdept, an agency that blends the innovation and agility of a digital agency with the rigour and depth of technical knowledge of an IT company.

Rick started his career in his teens when he developed software for monitoring gas compression trains on oil rigs. After qualifying as a chemical process engineer, he spent the next few years travelling the world, working in the oil industry.

In 2003 he joined forces with Dan Kirby and together they founded Techdept. Rick leads the technical direction of all projects, and works closely with clients in order to develop their technical strategies.

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Who Should Sign Up

Anyone currently with an interest or direct involvement in online technology, digital production, online strategy, client servicing or business development. 

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