The long anticipated Internet Trends 2015 report from Mary Meeker is finally here. Its content is fascinating and compelling, but at 197 slides, there’s a fair amount of content to get through.

We’ve therefore chosen some of the salient points from the presentation, as follows:

1. In 2014, 2.8 billion people, or 39% of the world’s population are now online

2. The top 5 Internet companies are platforms with 3rd party developer access, namely: Apple, Google, Alibaba, Facebook and Amazon

3. With consumer and business verticals very dominant, big opportunities exist for education, healthcare and government

4. Internet users grew 8% in 2014; smartphone subscriptions grew 23%. Both rates are slowing

5. In 2015, the average US adult spends 5.6 hours per day online; 51% of the time on a mobile device

6. Compared with print, radio, TV and Internet, users spend 24% of their time using a mobile device; but ad investment on mobile is still only at 8%

7. Global Internet advertising spend was $133bn last year; mobile ad spend still dwarfed by desktop spend

8. “Buy” buttons in social and search channels will become increasingly ubiquitous to minimise friction to purchase

9. Messaging apps are the portal to mobile; the biggest brands, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Snapchat, will be harder to topple

10. With video calls, payments and stickers, Asia’s messaging apps (Kakao, WeChat and LINE) are leading the way in innovation

11. Users are increasingly the first source for news – often via Twitter

12. In 2014, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat were the dominant social networks for teens

13. Millennials love their smartphone cameras: 44% use it every day, with 76% posting photos and videos on social media

14. “Just in time” services mean that deliveries can sometimes take minutes!

15. For the first time, millennials are the largest % of the US labour force (at 35%).

16. With the rise of Uber, Airbnb, Stripe and Soundcloud, the Internet is facilitating ecommerce in increasingly efficient ways

17. Online marketplaces and platforms are used increasingly to supplement income

18. India and China top mobile ecommerce sales; UK is ranked 3rd in the world

The full presentation can be viewed here: