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PPC Consulting & Mentoring

Improve your PPC performance

Research shows that a large proportion of PPC campaigns are running at 50-60% inefficiency. This means that businesses are not earning the ROI that can be achieved with a well-optimised pay-per-click campaign.

Whether you're running AdWords, Bing Ads, or social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, our unbiased PPC support will help you highlight quick wins, as well as longer term gains. 

We can provide consulting or mentoring for all of your paid search activity, helping you with the following areas:

  • PPC planning and strategy
  • Account structure and campaign settings
  • Keyword or placement targeting
  • Ad copy and creative
  • Budget and bid management
  • Conversion metrics and attribution
  • Landing page creative and usability
  • Retargeting opportunities
  • Impression share and competitor analysis


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