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Writing for the Web Training Course

Turbo-boost your online and email writing skills

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£495.00 Book Now
£495.00 £460.00 (until 18 May) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

High quality online content for your web, mobile and social presence is critical to your organisation's success. Copy has a massive impact on audience perceptions and is the best way to communicate, persuade and sell.

Our practical one day  online writing course offers research-based best practice that has been shown to improve web page and email marketing performance by over 100%.

We will use many real-life examples and re-write exercises making this a fun day, that will help you to develop real confidence in your new copywriting skills.

This course will leave you super-energised to start improving your online and digital content!

Course Programme

Understanding Your Audience

  • How people read online - the impact on online copywriting
  • Profiling – ways to understand your audience better, so you can write for them more effectively
  • Scrolling - encouraging people to scroll and how to manage it if they don’t
  • Offers and promotions – how to get people reading this critical content
  • Legibility - ensure your text is easy to read on the screen

Choosing The Right Language

  • What sort of language should you use online?
  • Grammar - how fussy should we be?
  • Guidelines and exercises on: vocabulary, sentences and paragraphs
  • Tone of voice – developing consistency and excellence within an organisation
  • Concision – how can we be more concise…and when is content too concise?

Communicate, Persuade And Sell

  • Attract attention - make sure your core messages get looked at
  • ‘Brainstem simple’ - create pages that get your message across to audiences, without them even realising it
  • Front-loading – using techniques to maximise business benefit in your writing
  • Guidelines and exercises on: headings, formatting, lists, links and buttons

Writing Across Websites – Guidelines And Examples

  • Home pages
  • Product pages (if applicable)
  • Shopping cart and checkout pages (if applicable)
  • FAQ’s and help pages 
  • Navigation and calls-to-action

Improving Email Performance

  • Optimising From and Subject fields
  • Working with preview panes and images
  • Optimising writing for landing pages
  • Writing to improve email strategy and targeting

Writing For…

  • Social – best practice for Facebook posts and Twitter tweets
  • Mobile – learn how to structure and write content that is suited for mobile devices
  • Accessibility – make sure your website is W3C-compliant

Organisational Issues

  • Managing a team – how to support your organisation in creating online content that is consistently excellent
  • Review and editing of others’ work – practical advice to help make this quick, effective and efficient

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Write online content that successfully communicates, persuades and sells more effectively
  • Understand how web, mobile and social channels impact on writing
  • Make sure that your key messages stand out and are immediately understood by your audience
  • Develop organisational policies and processes to ensure consistently excellent online writing (including tone of voice)
  • Edit and improve other peoples’ online writing
  • Sell the value of high quality online writing within your organisation

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The Writing for the Web course is ideal for anyone involved in writing, curating or editing website copy and content. Typical attendees include: copywriters, content editors, marketing and website managers, project managers and business owners.

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Tim Fidgeon is one of the UK’s leading trainers in online writing and user experience. He has worked in digital marketing since the 90's and has a background in psychology and usability. He has worked with lots of major brands, including: Coca-Cola, Sony, Vodafone and General Motors.

Read more about Tim Fidgeon »

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The writing for the web course was well executed and put together, with a tutor who could answer anything that was thrown at him. The whole day was informative and refreshing!

The Writing for the Web course was really informative and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend for people new to communications.

I found the course informative, friendly and beneficial for my role at work. Information came at a good pace and there was a good mix of teaching and discussion.


Excellent course, covering a lot of relevant and interesting content. I have learned lots about the science of web interaction, as well as how to put my point across in the most effective way. Thanks very much!

This was a fantastic course and perfectly tailored for a team of communications professionals - all of whom had differing levels of experience and skill. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

Very informative course with an excellent speaker in Tim Fidgeon.

This course will genuinely teach you 'how to do SEO' and the experience was very stimulating!

This course is ideal for anyone who has to use copywriting in their job, whether they are new to the industry or experienced and looking to add some new ideas to their work.

Friendly, fun and professional - what more do you want!

Great course if you are new to digital and copywriting for the web. It gives you a good overview of digital practice with (necessary) insight into web design. 5 stars!

Tim was great! What he doesn't know probably isn't worth knowing. I came away from the course with a better understanding of something I do every day!

This course is an excellent, fast-paced way to learn how people use websites and how to tailor and improve your content accordingly. It covers all the major content areas, and it would be impossible for your site not to improve after attending this course.

A thoroughly comprehensive training day, leaving me buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm!

The training was very useful and enjoyable. As a young copywriter it was great to learn the ins and outs of an area I haven't had much experience of yet.

A real eye-opener that helps to address online myths and bad practice.

I'd really recommend the course to anyone who writes for the web. Even though I'm a very experienced copywriter, this course has taught me a huge amount.

Great course, I learnt lots that can be applied to different areas of my job.

Having done several of the Emarketeers courses, I would thoroughly recommend them for the practicality of the courses, and professional expertise of the tutors/practitioners delivering the courses.

The trainer did a fantastic job with the Online Copywriting Course. The techniques we have learned will be extremely valuable when writing all future online content.

I found this course very informative and an excellent introduction for people like me who are new to writing for the web.

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