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Web Analytics & Optimisation Training Course

Improve your website performance and campaign ROI

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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.30pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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In many organisations web analytics is about reporting endless website statistics. But how do you cut through masses of data to uncover insights that enable you to truly improve the critical outcomes on your website?

The web analytics and optimisation course will equip you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to take your organisation from a reporting culture to a culture of data-driven improvement of the entire visitor experience and conversion process.

This training course is software independent and is equally relevant for users of Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Webtrends, Coremetrics or other products. It also compliments our Google Analytics training course.

Course Programme

The web analytics playing field

  • Web analytics definitions and fundamental concepts
  • A holistic approach to web analytics : the 360° analysis of the digital visitor experience

Selecting a web analytics tool

  • Web analytics vendor landscape
  • Paid versus free tools
  • Process and criteria when selecting web analytics tools

How to implement web analytics in your business

  • Web analytics implementation process
  • Defining the business and technical roadmap for web analytics implementation
  • Reasons why web analytics projects fail

Getting from data from to actionable insights

  • Different websites, different KPI’s
  • Internet Scorecard methodology: a framework for creating your own KPI dashboard
  • Internet Scorecard dimensions: Visitor, Financial, Organisation, Website
  • Defining success factors and setting KPI’s
  • Which KPI’s to monitor when attracting surfers to your site ?
  • Which KPI’s to monitor when converting visitors to customers ?
  • Which KPI’s to monitor when creating loyal customers ?
  • Creating KPI dashboards using API’s

Identifying your best performing channels and campaigns

  • Where do your visitors come from?
  • Using segmentation to identify your most valuable visitors?
  • Attributing sales to a specific campaign or traffic source
  • Optimising online campaigns
  • Branded vs. non-branded search engine marketing campaigns

Understanding your visitors and their needs

  • Who are your visitors ? => putting names to your visitors: identifying which companies and persons visit your website. How to leverage that data for prospecting, up-selling and content optimisation.
  • Understanding visitor trends: visitor loyalty, visit patterns
  • Understanding visitor context: how do your visitors visit your website => the rise of mobile visitors

Understanding how your visitors interact with your content

  • Measuring and improving landing page performance
  • Understanding bounce rate (1 page visits are not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Identifying your most popular content
  • Understanding content interaction and user navigation
  • How do your visitors interact with your video content ?
  • Understanding mobile visitors and the effect of your mobile campaigns
  • Understanding which content your visitors are looking for on your website and optimising internal search

Measuring and Improving Social Media performance

  • 2 models for measuring social media KPI’s
  • Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics
  • Measuring social media using Google Analytics, Webtrends, Adobe etc.
  • Using social media monitoring tools

Measuring Conversions and Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Defining macro conversions and micro conversions on your website
  • Understanding how and when your visitors convert
  • Understanding delayed conversion
  • Persuasive content architecture: understanding the influence of your content on conversion
  • Using click path analysis and conversion funnel optimisation
  • A/B and multivariate testing examples
  • Increased conversion using email re-targeting
  • Identifying cross-sell / up-sell opportunities

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Following this training course, you will understand:

  • Web analytics tools and their differences
  • How to implement and configure web analytics tools
  • How to create your own KPI dashboard
  • How to interpret web analytics data and understand what is happening on your website
  • How to measure web 2.0 websites and content (mobile, video, social media)
  • How to use web analytics data to optimise your website performance
  • How to increase your online ROI and reduce your cost of acquisition

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The web analytics training course typically attracts ecommerce or e-business managers, marketing professionals, web analysts and website owners who want deeper insight into their website performance, user experience and campaign ROI.

Attendees on this course will typically have had limited experience of web analytics and need to develop their knowledge further.

This course is not product specific and can be applied to users of Google Analytics, Webtrends, Omniture or Nedstat analytics software among others.

Delegates are asked to bring a WiFi enabled laptop in order to carry out exercises.

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The Web Analytics and Optimisation training course in London is led by industry veteran, Remco Van Der Beek. 

Remco has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and web analytics. He was a senior consultant at Nedstat (now comScore), Europe's leading web analytics vendor, and worked with many large organisations as an external or internal consultant, such as France Telecom. Remco is a passionate advocate of web analytics and brings his huge experience and enthusiasm to each analytics training course.

Read more about Remco Van Der Beek »

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The course provided a very useful overview of what web analytics can do, how this may apply in my organisation and what actions were needed to take this forward.

This is the second Emarketeers course I have attended and yet again I came out brimming with ideas for how to take my organisation forward.

This is the second Emarketeers course I have been on and have been extremely impressed by both. I have taken away so many useful tips and techniques that I can apply to the work I do every day, which for me is the essence of a great course.

This course was very informative and gave a very comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to implement a successful web analytics and conversion strategy within your business.

A great session with Emarketeers, providing a really good overview of the web and social analytics landscape.

The trainer and course content were both very good. Facilitated by videos, real time online analytics examples and high level strategy explanation and directions were very helpful. I would recommend this course as an introduction to Web Analytics.

This course was packed full of interesting tips. From strategy, to metrics, to selecting the right online platform, it gave me lots of new ideas as well as the practical advice that I needed.

The web analytics course was very interesting, I took away so much, and there are great resources after the course to help your learning.

The web analytics and optimisation course is absolutely brilliant. The combination of best practise theory, real life case studies and practical exercises means you walk away with a tonne more knowledge than you walked in with.

This was an extremely enlightening course that has really got the cogs going! Very beneficial to anyone who wants to understand their site, their customers and continually develop their business.

I would highly recommend this course, whether you are new to web analytics or have average knowledge. It introduces you to new ideas and tools to increase your ROI.

An incredibly clear yet thorough course that, when put into practice will help us acheive our long term objectives.

I took so much from the course I just hope I'm able to absorb it all!

I've attended both the Web Analytics and Social Media courses with Emarketeers and have found both very insightful, helpful and relivant. I have come away both times with a lot of food-for-thought and inspiration!

The course was very informative and it's great to have an expert on hand to ask any questions and give their advice on. The group size was small which was good as you get to learn more and get to ask more questions when you get stuck!

A great introduction that pushes your ability and puts you on course for getting the most out of your website.

The course was brilliant. The instructor made Google Analytics easy to understand as he was asking us to implement the different tools live on our own account. I feel like I understand Google Analytics inside out now.

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