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Recruiting with Social Media Training Course

Supercharge your recruitment using social media channels

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£495.00 £460.00 (until 28 Apr) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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The massive adoption of social media is having a fundamental effect on recruitment. People are looking for jobs in a different way and many smart businesses are embracing new digital recruitment tools and techniques to reduce costs and increase the quality of their recruiting techniques.

Emarketeers' social recruitment training course will give you an understanding of what shifts are happening in the digital recruitment space, which companies are leading the way, what the key tools are and how you can create and execute your own successful social recruiting strategy.

The day will be led by Matt Alder, a respected figure in the emerging field of social recruiting and an independent business consultant who has 14 years experience in online recruitment.

Course Programme

The Reality of "Social Recruiting"

  • How is recruiting with social media moving into the mainstream
  • How do you separate the hype from the reality?
  • Audience breakdown and industry relevancy
  • How is social media changing Sourcing, Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

Hand's On With The Key Social Channels

  • Hands on with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - the most popular platforms for social recruiting
  • How to attract talent
  • How to promote your employer brand
  • How to drive referral recruitment
  • The importance of Mobile
  • Getting a practical understanding of other important platforms including Google+
  • Using blogging platforms for recruitment

Techniques to Recruit with Social Media

  • Automated feeds: are they appropriate and what do they achieve?
  • Content marketing and recruitment
  • Conversational marketing techniques
  • Understanding metrics and measurement in social recruitment

Social Media Platforms

  • Getting a practical understanding of the most important social media sites
  • How to utilise the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in recruitment
  • Using blogging platforms for recruitment

Social Recruitment Case Studies

  • Learn from companies already effectively using social media for recruitment
  • Case studies illustrating a number of different techniques across different social platforms
  • Examples from global corporations, large companies, SMEs and the public sector

Tools to Save Time and Maximise Resources

  • How to manage social recruiting activity efficiently and effectively
  • Using automation and content curation Tools
  • Social Media dashboards
  • Specialist social recruiting tools

Creating a Social Recruitment Strategy

  • Practical help to create a social media recruitment strategy that is relevant for your organisation
  • Contextualising social media within your existing recruitment strategies and digital recruitment activity
  • Understand the key elements needed to develop an effective social recruiting strategy
  • Develop a business case to “sell” your social media recruitment strategy within your organisation

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Following this training course, you will undertstand:

  • The concept of social recruiting and its trends
  • How a variety of different companies are putting it online recruitment into practice
  • How to put social media in context with your existing recruitment and employer brand activity
  • The key elements of building a social recruiting strategy
  • An understanding of the key sites and tools to aid social recruitment
  • Techniques to make your social recruitment strategy a success

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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Anyone with an interest in understanding how social media is working for recruitment. The content will be particularly relevant for HR professionals, corporate recruiters, recruitment agencies and anyone working in the career coaching sector.

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This course is led by Matt Alder, who has has spent the last 14 years working in the online space specialising in digital recruitment. He spent seven years working as Head of Interactive Media at TMP Worldwide, followed by four years as Head of Digital at Penna Barkers. Matt is passionate about digital innovation and communication and has written and spoken extensively on the future of recruitment. He is also a highly respected blogger with a strong international presence.

See more details on Matt Alder »

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I found the course really helpful, and appreciated that I came away with a realistic list of action points that I can actually implement, despite having limited resources and time.

Matt ran an inspirational training day on social media tailored to recruitment. For anyone looking to broaden their knowledge on this field, it is definitely a course worth taking. It brought home the importance of having social media within your strategy and the best ways to use it.

The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of Social Media and recruitment, and provided an engaging and highly informative session.

This was an excellent insight into recruiting with Social Media. Very professionally delivered and tailored to suit the group by a very experienced and knowledgeable tutor. Wonderful venue - look forward to visiting again.

I very much enjoyed the course and I came away feeling like I'd learnt some very useful skills

I can highly recommend Emarketeers having been on several courses. Their trainers are experts in their field, very engaging and the courses well structured. At no point was I bored - the courses are always informative and very interesting The venues are also fantastic!!

A really good view of social media and its role in recruitment. A knowledgeable trainer, fast paced delivery and a great venue.

I highly reccomend this course. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and learned a lot of very useful information as well as helful tips and ideas.

Very informative course with varied contect, presented by a first-rate trainer, providing an excellent overview, guidance and tips for starting in Social Recruitment.

Excellent course - worth attending if you're in the recruitment field and need to get up to speed on social media.

Really enjoyed this course. It opened up new channels of communication which we are going to explore, with a view to reaching the right candidates when we recruit without using expensive agencies.

A very useful course to make sense of the social media world, enabling you to choose the correct strategy for your business.

Excellent course which was delivered in a professional manner by a trainer who was able to answer all my questions on how to start using social recruitment.

Social Recruitment training delivered by an obviously very knowledgeable presenter in a very relaxed environment. Spot on!

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