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Social Media Strategy Training Course

Have better conversations through effective social media strategy

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£395.00 (20% off) Book Now
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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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Since the inception of the web, there have been huge changes in how media is consumed and produced. At the forefront of this media evolution is social media - a participatory phenomenon used by millions of people every day.

Despite its huge penetration, running a successful social media campaign is becoming increasingly challenging as channels constantly evolve, audiences are regularly deluged in messages and content, and measuring ROI continues to remain elusive.

Emarketeers' social media strategy course will reveal the latest trends, audience behaviours, social media principles, case studies and tools that will enable you to create a successful social media strategy and integrate it into areas such as marketing, product development and customer services.

Attendees will finish the day with a blueprint to create a social media strategy document and content plan, ensuring that all social media campaigns have the best chance of success.

Course Programme

The Social Media Landscape

  • A view of the current marketplace
  • Latest trends and developments
  • Current challenges and issues
  • Understanding the network economy
  • Case studies - good and bad examples

Social Media Campaign Planning

  • Creating social media objectives and KPI’s
  • Developing a social media ROI model
  • Using the SWOT model for social media planning
  • Planning with the SOSTAC framework
  • Understanding the competitor landscape
  • Monitoring social media success with baselines
  • Converting strategy into tactics

Audiences For Social Media

  • Understanding customer behaviours and drivers
  • Techniques to learn about customer needs
  • Audience profiling
  • Conversations through Social Media - how to create a dialogue
  • How to drive word of mouth
  • Cultivating relationships and building trust through Social Media

Social Media Content

  • Key channels for social networking, collaboration, photo, video & document sharing, blogs and microblogs
  • The customer journey: integrating channels
  • Developing an awareness ladder
  • Creating a content plan and calendar
  • Understanding popularity versus influence
  • How and why content “goes viral”

Measurement And Monitoring

  • Official and unofficial - what people are saying about your brand in the Social Media space
  • Analysis techniques and tools
  • Interpreting the results
  • Benchmarking practices

Legal Guidelines

  • Ethics - the laws behind Social Media
  • Legal best practices

Your Brand's Social Media Objectives

  • Discussion about objectives for your brand
  • Group exercise, including feedback

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Create a social media strategy plan or document for your brand
  • Agree your campaign objectives, benchmark success and measure ROI
  • Plan your social media campaigns using industry proven frameworks
  • Integrate social media with your brand, sales and CRM goals
  • Confidently use the appropriate channels to engage with your audiences
  • Plan your content calendar around audience needs and drivers
  • Learn from success and failure of other organisations’ social media campaigns
  • Implement techniques and tools for measuring your social media success


All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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This training course is primarily targeting users of social media who need to gain a greater understanding of implementing social media strategies for external comms. Typical attendees are marketers, community managers, PR professionals, publishers and account planners. 

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The Social Media Strategy course is led by Andrew Lloyd Gordon. Andrew is a true veteran in digital marketing, having worked in the industry for over 13 years. He is a highly experienced presenter, mentor, coach and trainer, advising many commercial and not-for-profit organisations on topics including conversion rate optimisation and social media strategies. 

Read more about Andrew Lloyd Gordon »

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Lively enjoyable course on social media strategies. The tools may change over time but the principles remain the same.

Great course run by a friendly knowledgeable trainer who kept our interest and made sure that all the different levels of experience within the room were catered for, and got the most they could out of the day.

For those people who have got their social media up and running, but don't really know what they're doing with it all, this course helps give you a fantastic push in the right direction!

This course has proved very useful in enhancing my Google Adwords skills so that I feel more confident with monitoring the campaigns and ensuring the best ROI that we can achieve.

Great course, realised how out of touch I had got! Need to keep learning to keep up with the latest trends.

The social media strategy course is fantastic and the course leader was very knowledgeable. I came away with lots of important questions for my organisation and the tools to be more effective with social media.

Great facilities, very comfortable but above all the trainer Andrew was amazing. 10 out of 10.

Thoroughly recommended to social media managers looking to secure the nuts and bolts of a well-rounded and all-encompassing social media strategy. A highly interactive, fantastic day!

It was a great day. The course was presented well, backed with first-hand experience that made it clear you could make social media work with the right strategy, dedication and attitude.

A very useful day packed with handy tips and tricks that made me really think about how to get Social Media working for us as a company. Professionally presented in a superb environment.

The social media course covers all you need to know to be able to write a comprehensive client focused Social Media strategy. The trainer had a wealth of first-hand experience, which meant he could illustrate and provide examples throughout the course.

This course was very useful. The content was relevant and covered everything I expected it to. The trainer was fun, knowledgeable and engaging. Would recommend!

A great course which has given me a much clearer steer on social media and the importance of having a strategy in place. Andrew was excellent and I found the course very engaging, interactive and enjoyable. Would highly recommend.

The day goes very fast and even though you feel like you received too much information at the end of the day, by the time you've processed it all, you're glad you took part!

A valuable day spent picking up new skills and learning new approaches. Encouraged consideration of current processes and delivered viable tools, techniques and insights to take away and make your own. Good coffee too!

An engaging one day course on social media, which I found extremely insightful, thank you for a great day!

The course was both informative and entertaining, and was very clear on how to set strategy. Not a moment was wasted.

The course offered exactly what it set out to achieve and was pitched at just the right level for anyone seeking to venture into using social media in a business context.

The course was very informative and has given me plenty to think about. Good basis I need to begin planning and making positive steps forward.

A very insightful day. I came away with a head full of ideas. I would highly recommend this course.

This was an enjoyable and informative day that has really increased my confidence in this area and helped me see how to apply what I already know. I'd recommend it.

I found this course invaluable, it provided a good basic foundation on how to develop a Social Media strategy. Enlightening!

The Social Media Strategy Course arms all attendees with tools and research methods to get the best out of social and digital media to ensure valuable ROI. Highly recommended.

Enjoyed the course and found it very useful. The course leader was very knowledgable, honest and put consideration on our individual business goals. Now down to the hard work of putting the strategy in place!

I found the Social Media Strategy Course a fun and extremely insightful day. I learned a lot of beneficial information all of which is extremely relevant and applicable.

The Social Media Strategy course provided a great base upon which to experiment and develop better social strategies and campaigns that will help to push our organisation forward.

A great course for improving overall understanding of social media strategy. I came away with a clear sense of 'where to next' for KLC.

Really good overview of how to create a Social Media strategy - with very interesting content.

A fantastic and engaging trainer. His knowledge of the social media landscape is excellent. I come from a traditional PR background and I would highly recommend this course to PR professionals who want to learn more about social media, develop a strategy and update their skills.

I attended the course to help in writing/planning strategies and to further enhance my knowledge of the social landscape. The trainer's vast knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious. The course is immense, providing masses of data to help you form and justify a solid social strategy that will fit into any organisation. Thank you!

Great introduction to the importance of documenting a digital strategy within the business as part of the marketing mix.

Brilliant eye opener of a course, well worth attending as it really made me realise what a huge scope Social Media can offer.

I would highly recommend this course to any marketeer looking to learn why and how to use social media. The course was very interactive and focussed on examples relevant to attendees different business areas.

The course leader was very friendly and approachable and you could tell she really knows her stuff. The building and staff were really geared towards learning and providing you with the right atmosphere in which to make the most of the course.

Very Interesting course, recommended for further insite into the world of Social Media.

A training course that's a genuinely good use of time! Emarketeers know their stuff. The course gave me a thorough overview and a good understanding of social media and how best to use it in our organisation.

An excellent course that covered a lot of ground and provided some really invaluable reference sites and resources. Thank you!

The Social Media Strategy Course was brilliant. It is very relevant to both public and private sector and unlocks a lot of tools that I had no idea about.

An engaging, interactive and interesting course that helped to gain an undertsanding of the power of social media and what tools are available to reach your intented audience.

A well planned course in a great location managed by an extremely well informed trainer.

Fantastic overview of the social media possibilities for your brand!

The course was really enjoyable and gave a clear insight into Social Media and how it can be built into the marketing strategy. I came away feeling confident and keen to put into practice the skills I had learned.

I would highly recommend this course to marketers who have a good understanding of social media but are unsure how to put this into business practice.

This course provided me with the tools to confidently integrate a social media strategy into a marketing strategy which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone struggling with how to best implement social media into their business strategy.

Fantastic course. Relevant and really helpful to anyone who is responsible for a company's online social media content.

The Social Media course was fantastic, very well organised and provided me with lots of new ideas to implement into my brand. Left me wanting to know even more!

After the social media course course felt that I could confidently write a social media strategy to support my existing communications strategy.

An enjoyable and interesting session which was well paced and challenged my thinking about using social media within our marcomms strategy.

A great course held by a knowledgeable passionate teacher, held in a really good venue with good facilities.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course to colleagues as it provided a complete overview of the social media landscape and helped me to focus my social media strategy on the channels relevant to my organisation.

Great content, professionaly presented. I will be using a lot of the tools explored during this course. Recommend it to all starting a social media strategy definition for their company.

The structure, content and timing of the day allowed plenty of time to explore, question and learn. The course leader Kathryn Corrick struck the right balance between making the day enjoyable, informative, thought-provoking, engaging and sometimes quirky; no mean feat.

Great experience! It's amazing what you learn in just one day.

This course really focussed on integrating social media into your current business plan rather than setting up campaigns just for the sake of it. Lots of practical tips as well as strategic food for thought.

It was a lot of learning in a very cordial environment. The instructor was absolutely fabulous and ran the day very well!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Social Media day. I did not know a great deal beforehand, and this was the ideal content and structure to not overwhelm me, and gave me many ideas to implement into my marketing campaigns.

Helped to enhance my understanding of what is a huge subject!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Social Media course delivered by Kathryn Corrick. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise on the subject area came across in her entusiastic and well presented training.

The course was clearly and logically presented, and having started the day being very confused about social media and how I could use it commercially in future, I am now full of fresh ideas that will certainly help my business in future.

I would highly recommend the course on Social media to gain a solid background for PR & Marketing.

This course provides a thorough and practical insight into the world of social media for marketeers wanting to introduce new media communication channels to any business strategy. The venue was perfect and Kathryn is very professional, knowledgable and inspiring - I can't wait to get started!

Great overall introduction to Social Media. A well paced, fun learning environment, and class size was just right. A great day!

This course really helped me to understand how to use social media to the advantage of my company. Very informative and interactive - fantastic!

Having attended the Social Media and Marketing event, I left with a substantial amount of useable information and ideas for taking my company forward in terms of using social media as an effective marketing tool.

This course was a great introduction to social media. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to anyone who was looking to plan a social media strategy.

Really useful course that helps to get your head around the overwhelming world of social media, with lots of practical examples and tips. It will definitely help me to use social media in a more strategic way in the future.

The course was very clearly presented and perfectly paced, offering an overview of the proliferation of Social Media but also an understanding of its various uses and impact.

A great course to attend when your company is considering to explore social media.

A real eye opener of a course and a great introduction into the world of Social Media, its breadth, purpose and suggested usage.

Great course. Would recommend to all wanting to learn more about Social Media.

Wow - this course covered so much in an easy to understand way. I feel that we can manage our brand in a very targgeted way and no longer feel overwhelmed

I would highly recommend the Social Media course to anyone. Kathryn is very knowledgable and has that rare ability to deliver training in a way that people with varying levels of understanding about the topic are able to keep up! I really enjoyed the course!

A great course that provides an insight into the world of Social Media and how you can use it for PR and Marketing.

Very thorough course that provided for both the knowledgeable and the novices amongst us.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get to grips with the whole Social Media landscape. I really like the informal, relaxed way it was delivered. There should be more like it available in Manchester.

The Emarketeers Social Media course is fantastic at both displaying your options and exploring how to adapt them into your company.

A great course, giving me all the information I need on social media and what it can do for my organisation.

A course which informed and involved - recommended!

I would highly recommend this training course to anyone with any level of understanding of social media. I went in with a Facebook and Twitter page but came out with so much more.

The Social Media & Marketing course was excellent; friendly, fun, professionally delivered and very informative. Thoroughly recommended.

I found the Social Media course to be very stimulating, thought-provoking and extremely useful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing to use social media in their communications mix.

Fast paced, educational and enjoyable. A very valuable use of my time!

I enjoyed the social media course in its entirety, Kathryn is very knowledgeable and professional, with an excellent breadth of information on this fast-changing media.

The tutor was clearly an expert in her field and she taught the course very clearly, with variety and in an interesting way. The chosen venue was perfect and the whole day was enjoyable and value for money.

As a Social Media Manager I can highly recommend this course as an excellent introduction to Social Media and it's applications across marketing, HR, sales and customer service.

As consumer dialogue and engagement become crucial in marketing, it is key to understand the opportunities social media can deliver. The Emarketeers Social Media course provides you with excellent guidelines for developing your social media strategy.

Informative, tightly focused and fun; just what I needed to get me started.

A very good course to give you the basics on what social media is and how you can use it in your company.

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