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Mobile Usability & UX Training Course

Improve your mobile user experience using real-world evidence

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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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With over 50% of the UK population owning a smartphone and more than 4 million people using tablets, customer experience on mobile devices has never been more important. 

Our one day mobile usability and user experience course has research-based guidelines, practical advice and real-world examples to help you make big improvements to your mobile content or app design. We'll tell you how to best engage with - and sell to - your audience across all the main classes of mobile device. 

This course contains design guidelines for tablets and phones, whether they have touch screens, directional keypads and/or cursors.

Course Programme

Industry & Audience Trends

  • Most popular devices within the UK
  • Different usage patterns for tablets, smart phones and feature phones
  • Exploring touch screen gestures
  • Eye-tracking data on how people use mobile devices
  • Devices you should you design for

Mobile Design - Challenges and Issues

  • Responsive design - how far should you go?
  • Touch targets - how large do they need to be?
  • Download speeds - why it matters and what to do about it
  • Orientation changes - how to deal with them
  • Gesture support - how to design usable touchscreen interfaces
  • Non-touchscreen devices - best practice design guidelines
  • Testing and emulators - cost effective ways to carry out mobile design testing

Apps Versus Mobile Websites

  • A discussion of the relative merits and usage

Usability Guidelines - Practical and Real-Life Examples

  • Menus and navigation - using lists, carousels, grids, filmstrips and slideshows
  • Making data input easier - including search, form-fields, real world-style controls and validation
  • How to minimise errors - guidance on how to notify and support users 
  • Icons, links and buttons - making elements useful, usable and attractive within a mobile context
  • Copywriting - making copy easier to read and consume 
  • Audio, voice and haptics - guidance on integrating these into your website or app design

Design Workshop

  • Group and individual design exercises using professional mobile design stencils

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the usability challenges posed by mobile devices
  • Design a customer experience for mobile devices that follows best practice
  • Brief your suppliers on what you want from your mobile site or app
  • Write, curate and edit mobile-friendly copy
  • Design and run mobile usability testing sessions

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The Mobile Usability and UX course is ideal for anyone involved in planning, designing or commissioning mobile apps or digital content that can be accessed on mobile devices. Typical attendees include: designers, project managers, marketing and website managers or business owners.

This course requires no previous knowledge of mobile design or development.

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Tim Fidgeon is one of the UK’s leading trainers in online usability. He has worked in digital marketing since the 90's and has a background in psychology and usability. He has worked with lots of major brands, including: Coca-Cola, Sony, Vodafone and General Motors.

Read more about Tim Fidgeon »

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Fantastic course led by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

A really useful training day which covered key principles and practical applications.

The Mobile UX & Usability course was really useful and the discussion points and activities made the content more engaging.

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