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International & Multilingual SEO Training Course

Optimise your global SEO strategy and performance

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Please note: This course is currently only available in-house

As search marketing rapidly evolves, organisations are increasingly aware that opportunities exist not only within their normal domestic markets, but also globally. Equally, many existing global businesses are aware that they need to increase their performance across local search engines and networks in order to reach a wider audience. 

However, running successful SEO campaigns internationally, requires a unique understanding of: the culture and language of global audiences, the diversity of search behaviour across regions, and the technical challenges in order to perform across the key search engines.

This International SEO course aims to teach delegates the core issues at stake when running multilingual and international SEO campaigns. It will help delegates plan their global search marketing strategy and well as highlighting implementation issues when running campaigns or managing teams.

Course Programme

Key Elements of International/Multilingual SEO

  • The core differences with international SEO
  • Keyphrase, content and link building factors
  • Global Social Media platforms
  • Top things to avoid: common misconceptions about international SEM

Local Search Engines and Localised Internet Penetration

  • Which search engines are popular in each market
  • Online growth: which markets are growing
  • What languages are being used on the web

International SEO Best Practice

  • Domain strategy – choosing between subdomains, subfolders and new domains
  • Geo Targeting - the perfect case when optimising by territory
  • How to research and optimise foreign language keyphrases for each market
  • Keyword tools and foreign keyword tool interfaces
  • Translations, site language and language usability
  • Common issues with International Implementation

Improving your International Rankings

  • Link building factors - best approaches and Google recommendations
  • Content Generation - producting local multilingual content
  • Best SEO practice for local versions of Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and other search engines

Identifying Key Markets For Your Website/Brand

  • Country and regional level signals – what to look for
  • Market interest – internal and external analysis of your site
  • Assessing the competition – tools and techniques to gauge market difficulty
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities

Cultural Conversions: Multivariate Testing

  • Conversion testing essentials
  • How cultures differ in conversion
  • What to consider in when carrying out testing

Planning Your International SEM Strategy

  • You will be able to plan and formulate your own international SEM strategy
  • Present your strategy for feedback
  • Understand budget and technical considerations on a global level

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Develop and manage your international SEO strategy on a market by market basis
  • Develop effective SEO campaigns across key global search engines including Google, Baidu and Yandex
  • Design and test your international content for maximum conversions in each market
  • Benchmark your digital brand against your competitors in order to grow your global Internet reach

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The International SEO course typically attracts attendees who either have a marketing or technical background and who are working with organisations who are considering their global search marketing strategy.

You will ideally already be familiar with SEO on a domestic level or internationally.


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The International SEO training course is led by Kezia Bibby. Kezia is Deputy Search Director at OBAN and has managed global and multilingual SEO campaigns for clients ranging from start-ups to fortune 1000 online companies.

Kezia is a highly experienced presenter and trainer, bringing her SEO experience to each training session. She is a strong communicator who puts audience engagement at the heart of all she does.

Read more about Kezia Bibby »

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If you're building websites for international clients, you'd be a fool not to attend

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