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Google Analytics Training Course

Gain actionable insights from Google Analytics

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3 Mar 2015 Clerkenwell, London - SOLD OUT
£495.00 £460.00 (until 13 Apr) Book Now
£395.00 (20% off) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.30pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT

With almost 80% of organisations using it, Google Analytics has become the preferred solution for measuring the impact of online marketing. Yet, for the most part, Google Analytics is not used to its full potential. Often, this is due to a lack of knowledge or the ability to fully exploit its features. Not to mention the dramatically changing Google Analytics user interface and the introduction of Universal Analytics.

This training course seeks to close this knowledge and skills gap, and to increase confidence in how to configure and use Google Analytics for reporting on your online marketing and website performance.

The day-long session is very discursive and packed with helpful exercises. There will also be lots of opportunity to discuss how Google Analytics relates to your specific organisational needs.

You will leave with Google Analytics skills and knowledge that are immediately actionable.

Course Programme

Getting Started

  • How does Google Analytics JavaScript tracking work?
  • Differences between Google Analytics & Universal Analytics tracking code and cookies
  • Google Analytics terminology and definitions

Optimising Your Google Analytics Account and Profiles

  • Configuring your Google Analytics account
  • Configuring the "old" Google Analytics and new Universal Analytics tracking code
  • User management
  • Configuring a remarketing campaign
  • Setting up filtering, on-site search and ecommerce tracking
  • Defining goals to track your conversions

Understanding Your Visitors

  • Overview of key visitor reports incl. visitor demographics, visitor behavior and mobile traffic reports
  • Visualising the visitor journey using Visitor Flow charts

Understanding Your Traffic Sources

  • Overview of key traffic sources reports
  • Measuring your online marketing campaigns using campaign tracking parameters
  • Comparing natural and paid search
  • Analyzing your Adwords performance
  • Connecting your Google Webmaster account to Google Analytics

Social Media Reporting

  • Social media traffic and conversions reporting
  • Tracking the use of social media share buttons on your website
  • Monitoring social media conversations with Google Analytics

Understanding Your Content Performance

  • Overview of page performance reports
  • Improving your website download time using Site Speed reports
  • Measuring your onsite search engine activity
  • Tracking on page events (button clicks, link clicks, downloads etc.) using event tracking
  • Tracking embedded video activity (YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove) within Google Analytics
  • Carrying out A/B tests using Content Experiments
  • Using In-Page Analytics to visualize where visitors click on your pages

Measuring Online Success

  • Setting up goals and using conversion funnel visualisation to uncover where visitors leave your critical processes
  • Overview of e-commerce reports
  • Multi-channel funnels: allocating conversions when multiple channels are involved
  • Attribution modelling: comparing channel performance beyond the last click before conversion

In-depth Analysis Using Segmentation

  • Advanced segmentation: what is it and how to use it?

Creating Your KPI Dashboard

  • Learn how to build your own Google Analytics KPI dashboard using dashboard widgets
  • Dashboard automation

Google Analytics Export and Email Functionalities

Real-time Analytics

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Configure your Google Analytics account correctly
  • Configure the old Google Analytics and the new Universal Analytics tracking code
  • Understand the real meaning of Google Analytics terminology
  • Interpret Google Analytics reports and data
  • Understand the attrition points in customer journeys
  • Set up and measure your website conversion rates
  • Measure and monetise channel performance
  • Better understand social engagement metrics
  • Create campaign tracking URLs
  • Understand how people are using or searching within your website

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course material and post course support online.

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If you know there's more to Google Analytics than the reports you occasionally look at, but you don't quite know where to start, then this course is for you.

Attendees on this course will typically have limited web analytics experience and need to advance their Google Analytics skills.

This course is designed for marketing and communications professionals and website staff who need to understand their visitors, web content performance, traffic sources and campaign ROI. It will also help attendees with their Google Analytics certification and qualification.

The course is equally intended to bring somewhat experienced Google Analytics users up to speed with the new features and user interface.

Delegates are asked to bring a WiFi enabled laptop in order to carry out exercises.

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The Google Analytics training course is led by industry veteran, Remco Van Der Beek.

Remco has over 15 years experience in digital marketing and web analytics. He was a senior consultant at Nedstat (now comScore), Europe's leading web analytics vendor, and worked with many large organisations as an external or internal consultant, such as France Telecom. Since 2007 Remco has run his own independent web analytics consultancy from Brussels.

Read more about Remco Van Der Beek »

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Remco was an excellent presenter and really helped to bring the tool to life with exercises that were well-structured and engaging. I would highly recommend this course if you'd like to understand how to apply Google Analytics in your business.

Very useful, informative and relevant course for those that feel they need more information and hands-on knowledge of the beast that is Google Analytics!

The Google Analytics course is ideal if you want to take your basic analytics knowledge to the next level. If like me you don't have time to train yourself on a day-to-day basis, this is an ideal opportunity to spend a day to get your head into Google Analytics and learn how to use it proficiently. A good course with a perfect mixture of theory and exercise. Thanks!

This was a great way to get an overview of Google Analytics and how it is relevant to our business.

A great course bringing you up to speed with Google Analytics step by step. A fantastic delivery which enabled me to register all that we were going through without being totally overwhelmed. Highly recommended.

Really helped me fill the gaps in my knowledge of Google Analytics - no more guesswork!

Great tutor, really eye-opening course. Looking forward to using Google Analytics in a more focussed and effective way for my organisation.

A well presented, and highly informative course. Delivered at a good, consistent pace with a relaxed but focussed approach. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to fill their knowledge and skill gaps on Google Analytics.

Great insights into Google Analytics, presented in a clear and easy to follow way. I look forward to using GA from now on in a more efficient and easier way.

A great course to give you a broad understanding of Google Analytics and the tools available. A must for digital marketers!

A great course for people of all skills. With the ever changing GA interface, it was great to get direct answers and understand how to improve your reporting. Great tutor and excellent venue.

Great course taught in an environment where you get to use what you're being taught straight away!

This is a fantastic course for anyone looking for insight into the Google Analytics tool, taught in an engaging and professional manner by true industry experts.

Fantastic, concise course that's perfect for people with little Google Analytics knowledge that are keen to learn more.

I would thoroughly recommend Emarketeers - the facilities were excellent and the course was very interesting and informative.

The Google Analytics course is excellent. Great instructor and excellent hospitality with Emarketeers. Thoroughly recommended to users of any ability.

GA has always interested me but getting your head around all of its functionalities by yourself can be a bit daunting. Walking through it with Remco step-by-step has made it easy and approachable and I can't wait to get my hands on some of our clients' accounts and get started.

Very interesting day learning about Google Analytics and its capabilities. Great tutor too.

Amazing insight into the world of Google Analytics, which will help me to compile my digital strategy.

The Google Analytics course was excellent. It will really help me ensure we make the most of our website!

This course was great and really useful.

This is a practical, enjoyable course that gave me a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Google Analytics

I was completely new to Analytics and now feel I am a confident user. The course was delivered very well and I would recommend it to anyone.

This was the best of the courses I've attended with Emarketeers - I strongly recommend it!

The whole day was fantastic - I learned so much about Google Analytics and its capabilities and returned to work keen to put my new knowledge into practice.

I went in thinking that I knew quite a lot about Google Analytics, and left with an understanding of how much more there was to learn...

Emarketeers have once again provided a practical course that contains information that can be used the minute you walk back into your office the following day!

Great insight and training in Google Analytics!

Great course presented by a great teacher. Took home a lot of exciting information that I can now apply to my business.

Really enjoyed the Google Analytics course. Very clear and well put together in a relaxing atmosphere. The simple exercises were a great way to help you clearly understand what was covered.

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