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Digital Marketing Foundation Training Course

Enhance your digital marketing knowledge, skills and performance

Course details  
Please note: This course is currently only available in-house

With all the rapid advancements in the world of digital marketing, it is increasingly important to gain a foothold in the key online marketing disciplines.

Led by a highly experienced team of digital marketers, this intensive foundation training course will provide attendees with essential understanding of the digital channels available, and show how they can work together to create powerful digital marketing strategies.

The course includes 2 days of face-to-face training, two live webinars and 10 hours of video-based elearning. 

Classroom Training - Day 1 (9.00am - 5.30pm):

Social Media Strategy

  • The current social media marketing landscape
  • Audience behaviour and types of social media
  • Setting objectives and measuring success
  • Steps to creating a social media strategy
  • A look at the opportunities and challenges inherent in social media
  • Monitoring buzz and conversations

Email Marketing

  • Essential email marketing strategies
  • Challenges and issues faced by email marketers
  • Managing email design and development
  • Optimising and measuring email performance
  • Best practice when writing email content

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Classroom Training - Day 2 (9.00am - 5.30pm):

Web Analytics and Metrics

  • Understanding the web analytics process and the key web analytics concepts
  • Using campaign tracking and segmentation to optimise marketing activity
  • Using web analytics to optimise your website UX and conversions
  • How Google Analytics compares with other analytics products

Search Engine Optimisation

  • A review of the latest Google algorithm changes
  • Planning and measuring SEO campaign performance
  • Essential SEO tools for digital marketers
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Optimising your on-page content
  • Essential link building and content marketing strategies

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • A review of the latest Google AdWords 'products'
  • How Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn advertising compares with AdWords
  • Optimising AdWords activity to improve performance
  • How to set AdWords bidding strategies
  • Measuring campaign return on investment
  • Landing page optimisation and testing

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Live Webinars (40 minutes each):

1. Creating a Digital Strategy 

  • The digital channels and their strategic roles
  • The key components to developing your digital strategy
  • Setting goals and measuring success
  • Integrating your digital marketing activity

2. Display Advertising 

  • A look at the advertising landscape: ad networks and platforms
  • Traditional and new ad formats
  • How digital media is bought and sold
  • Social media advertising: what's out there and how best to use it
  • Defining and measuring success

* Webinar dates finalised after enrolment

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Elearning (pre-recorded video tutorials - 5 hours per topic):

1. User Experience Design & Design

  • UX principles and best practices
  • How users 'behave' online and how it impacts your design process
  • How to implement user-centred design in your digital projects
  • Confidently manage your design and development teams/agency

2. Mobile User Experience

  • Rise to the UX challenges posed by mobile devices
  • Improve your customer experience across mobile phones and tablets
  • Manage or brief teams/suppliers on what you want from your mobile site or app
  • Plan or write mobile-friendly copy and content

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the digital marketing channels available - what they do, and how they work together
  • Confidently plan your digital marketing strategy and activity
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges around SEO, PPC and display advertising
  • Assess the scope of paid search marketing options available
  • Grasp the essentials that underpin a Social Media strategy
  • Create a dialogue through Social Media channels
  • How organisational goals can be measured with analytics software
  • Identify how web analytics can be used to optimise UX and digital marketing activity
  • Plan your email marketing activity and adopt best practices
  • Understand the challenges when planning and delivering email campaigns
  • Adopt UX best practices across desktops and mobile devices

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, digital copies of course materials and post course support online.

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This 2 day blended training course is aimed at anyone looking to enhance their awareness of digital marketing strategies and tactics. Typical attendee include anyone in a marketing, managerial, design or project management role, looking to boost their digital marketing knowledge and skills.

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Jonathan Saipe is founder of Emarketeers and has been involved in digital marketing since the 90's. He was Internet Development Director at the global ad agency Publicis where he and his team were responsible for the creation of running of many digital marketing campaigns for blue chip clients including Hewlett Packard and IBM. He later went on to co-found FIFO, a boutique web design and development agency. 

See more details on Jonathan Saipe »

Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a true veteran in digital marketing, having worked in the industry for over 13 years. He is a highly experienced presenter, mentor, coach and trainer, advising many commercial and not-for-profit organisations on topics including conversion rate optimisation and social media strategies. 

See more details on Andrew Lloyd Gordon »

Ed Brocklebank is a data insight and marketing technology specialist with 10 years' experience in the digital sector. Ed was technical director at DBi within Havas Media and has consulted for clients including Betfair, Rackspace, Holland & Barrett, Paypal, Blinkbox and Post Office. Prior to that he worked at Digitalis Media and Latitude.

Read more about Ed Brocklebank »

Annmarie Hanlon is a digital, content and strategic marketing specialist and trainer with over 20 years' experience, focusing in particular on digital marketing and social media. She is a keynote speaker on Digital Marketing for the Institute of Directors, a Digital Marketing tutor for Oxford College of Marketing and guest lecturer for University of Derby.

Read more about Annmarie Hanlon »

Tim Fidgeon is one of the UK’s leading trainers in online usability. He has worked in digital marketing since the 90's and has a background in psychology and usability. He has worked with lots of major brands, including: Coca-Cola, Sony, Vodafone and General Motors. 

Read more about Tim Fidgeon »

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Emarketeers provides an excellent environment for learning; a great mix of theory and practical application given by knowledgeable trainers. Plus they're a really nice bunch of people...I'll definitely spread the word and be back myself.

Great course. Highly knowledgeable experienced instructors, educational, enjoyable and above all will give you the skills required to create digital marketing strategies to succeed in business! Highly recommended!

This course is presented by highly articulate, energetic and well informed instructors who are currently active within the digital industries. I would recommend it to people, who are both new to digital, as well as those who are already active within the industry and would like to be brought up to the nano second!

The digital accelerator course is run by experts who are both trainers and practitioners. As such it strikes a great balance between robust theory and current best practice. I now feel confident in my overall grasp of the digital landscape

Brilliant content, loads of new ideas and incredibly knowledgeable tutors. I'll be recommending the course to colleagues and friends.

An inspiring, highly informative and surprisingly in-depth introduction to digital marketing. I highly recommend the Emarketeers accelerator course to anyone looking to integrate digital marketing into their overall marketing strategy (and in this day and age you’d probably be stupid not to!)

Great course! Highly recommended. Excellent presenters.

The course was just what I needed, it got to the fundamentals of each channel whilst giving me enough insight to have an intelligent conversation.

The course has enhanced my skills in all of the essential aspects of digital marketing and equipped me with the confidence to integrate digital more effectively into my marketing strategies. It is practical and focussed on increasing marketing ROI; the perfect course for marketing managers to update and enhance their skills in the rapidly changing digital world.


The Digital Accelerator course was great. A tremendous amount of material was covered. Well done team!!

An enjoyable and insightful course that greatly improved my knowledge of digital marketing in a short space of time.

Great course, well delivered and full of worthwhile information. My mind is still buzzing!

A really good course for making the digital world a little more accessible and less overwhelming. Practical, useful and insightful tips and tricks that can be translated directly to the day to day operations of our agency.

If you need an overview on what is happening in the digital world of marketing and communications, I can thoroughly recommend this course. Great for managers to help them see what disciplines they are missing out on, and where they need to concentrate their often limited resources on!

Brilliant course, teachers and venue. Thoroughly recommended.

The Digital Accelator course was such a great investment. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and I've learnt so much - would thoroughly recommend!

Great course, knowledgeable and informative tutors, fantastic venue and fortunate to be learning with a lovely bunch of like-minded people.

Really well put together, the tutors were extremely knowledgeable and personable and the venue was great!

This course opened my eyes to the world of digital marketing and all the different aspects of it and how to fully utilise it.

A brilliant course which covers all the essential areas of digital marketing. Ideal for someone who already works in marketing and has an understanding of digital but needs to fine tune their skills and get the latest on the specific skills this industry requires. Lots packed in to three valuable days that will set you up perfectly for developing your skills further. Delivered by people who will answer all your questions, and demystify some of the black arts surrounding internet marketing.

A fantastic course with brilliant tutors in a great location! I have learnt so much in just three days and feel really excited about going back to work and putting it into action - thank you!

A friendly team of experienced professionals who are informative and engaging.

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