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Agile Foundation Training Course

Learn the key components of Agile project management

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£495.00 £460.00 (until 15 Apr) Book Now
£495.00 £460.00 (until 22 Jun) Book Now

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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As web and digital projects become more complex, user-centric and multi-faceted, managing them successfully has become increasingly challenging.

Emarketeers' Agile Foundation training course empowers project managers with the ability to apply agile practices that will assist them in successfully rising to common challenges encountered on digital projects. This will result in better managed projects, more effective internal processes, reduced risk and ultimately happier end users!

This one-day Agile course will teach attendees essential skills and structured approaches to running successful Agile projects, in addition to on-the-ground Agile tools, techniques and processes used by web and digital project managers.

Course Programme

Introducing Agile Principles

  • Differences between Agile and other digital development approaches
  • The Agile manifesto
  • Key Agile principles
  • Exercise: delivering incrementally
  • The various flavours of Agile: from Scrum to Kanban and more

Agile On Web & Digital Projects

  • Components of a typical web project - information architecture, design, user research and coding
  • Collaboration and feedback as key elements of delivery
  • User-centricity and working with user stories
  • Iterative development with sitemaps and wireframes
  • Testing - when and how
  • What does “done” mean?
  • Using the different team skillsets when running Agile projects
  • Common challenges faced when applying Agile to digital projects
  • Advantages of an Agile approach to digital projects
  • When to use Agile (and when not to)

Running Agile Projects With Scrum

  • The Scrum lifecycle
  • Roles - Product Owner, Scrum Master, team
  • User stories
  • Ceremonies - standups, sprints, retrospectives, showcases
  • Estimation - T-shirt sizing and story points
  • Artefacts - User stories, product backlog, sprint backlog,
  • Tracking progress - planning board and burn-down charts
  • Running a sprint

Governance of Agile Projects

  • The PM is dead - long live the PM
  • What management wants (and needs) to know
  • PM vs. Scrum Master vs. Product owner
  • Managing and communicating scope, plan, progress, costs, risks

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Following this training course, you will be able to:

  • Identify when an Agile approach to digital projects is beneficial
  • Understand how to deliver an Agile project successfully - from start to finish
  • Learn how to get the right balance of stakeholder involvement
  • Improve collaboration across the disciplines within the project team
  • Set up a tracking system that helps the team focus on what needs to be done

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The Agile Foundation course is suitable for project managers, producers, designers, UX professionals, developers, testers, or anyone new to Agile methodologies who want a better grasp of the principles and practices.

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The Agile Foundation course will be run by Tony Willoughby, a highly experienced Agile consultant, trainer and mentor.

Tony has a lifetime of experience delivering Agile projects working with clients including: Sapient, Lloyds of London, Sky, ITV and Channel 4.

Read more about Tony Willoughby »


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The course provided an excellent introduction to Agile; now the whole team can see the benefits and we are all excited about starting to implement what we have learned!

This is a great course for those seeking a solid overview of Agile and how it can impact your web projects. I would definitely recommend to colleagues.

This course is a good detailed overview of Agile Project Management providing details of popular frameworks, such as, Scrum, DSDM, Lean and XP. A good foundation for both Project Managers, Delivery Managers and Senior Managers that work or need to work in an Agile Project Management environment.

Great course, well worth taking training for a complex subject like Agile project management.

Great intro into Agile thinking and methodology from an established and experienced course leader!

This was a fantastic primer for applying Agile principles to my situation. I'm actually able to improve efficiency in my workplace right away!

The course gave me a great introduction to how I might deploy Agile Web Project Management within our organisation. The presenter was knowledgeable and helpful so we were able to gain a good insight into any practical issues and opportunities.

Interesting insight into Agile Project Management. A great course that gave me a real insight into a less traditional project management style. To fit it all into one day was a big ask, but training felt relaxed and pace was right due to trainers competence. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Perfectly pitched (SCRUM-centric) seminar on Agile techniques.

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