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Advanced Social Media Training Course

Take your social media performance to the next level

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£495.00 Book Now
£495.00 £460.00 (until 7 Apr) Book Now
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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments
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The early days of social media marketing are behind us. After the initial land grab for ‘likes’, fans and followers, smart organisations are looking for a more concrete, strategically-grounded foundation for their social media programmes.

This advanced social media course is designed to help you explore more sophisticated approaches to content planning, audience targeting and refining your value proposition in the "pay to play" era.

The one day interactive workshop, with former Microsoft Digital Marketing expert, Allister Frost, is packed with up-to-date research and strategies to help you optimise your social media campaigns and ROI.

Course Programme

Social Media Platforms and Trends 

  • Examination of societal changes fuelled by social media
  • Recent shifts in platform usage, and insights into hot social media trends
  • A modern, informed approach to social media marketing

Social Advertising in the "Pay to Play" Era 

  • How platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn handle your content
  • How to survive new feed ranking algorithms
  • Advertising and targeting techniques for social platforms 

Content Strategy and Planning

  • The role of content marketing in the modern marketing process
  • Inspiring examples of creative content marketing
  • Planning your editorial calendar with relevant content

Track, Measure and Get Organised

  • Tips and tricks for measuring your impact online
  • Free and low cost tools to deepen your social media marketing expertise
  • Social CRM and organisational principles for success

Creating Content That Clicks

  • Insights from behavioural economics into what makes customers click
  • The crucial role of psychology in increasing motivation online
  • Neuromarketing principles and their application on the social web
  • Techniques and examples to boost engagement levels with your content

Towards Transparency

  • The balanced value proposition model
  • 'Test and learn' principles
  • A forward-looking perspective on what future organisations may need to do

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After attending this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • The latest platforms trends, innovations and features
  • What motivates customers to engage in your social content
  • How to tailor social media content to maximise engagement levels
  • How to build a content strategy and editorial plan
  • Techniques from behavioural economics that can boost engagement
  • Powerful tools you can use to be more efficient and productive
  • The crucial role of business ethics for fuelling long term organisational success


All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and four weeks post course support online.

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The Advanced Social Media training course is designed for existing users of social media channels who are looking to inject greater sophistication into their online communication programmes.

Attendees should have prior experience of posting to social media channels, either in a personal or professional capacity, and an understanding of the common terminologies used in this field. Typical attendees are marketers, community managers, PR professionals, account planners and publishers.

Delegates are requested bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or tablet so they can join in with demonstrations and practice sessions.

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The Advanced Social Media course is delivered by Allister Frost. Allister is a Chartered Marketer with over twenty years’ of experience B2C and B2B marketing who was voted BOC Digital Marketing Personality of the Year 2013.

He is Microsoft's former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and a specialist in emerging online marketing techniques and behavioural economics.

Allister lectures at Middlesex University and is a respected industry thought leader speaking regularly at business conferences around the world.

Read more about Allister Frost »

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Great course, really provides insight and value into the bigger picture of social media that you don't normally get with courses in this area.

Really enjoyed this course. Went home with far more knowledge and loads of ideas for the business!


An excellent course for those wanting to have an edge on the competition. This course reviews a wide range of topics, offering useful advice and making you consider the purpose of your social media. Worth every penny!

Very useful course to attend with one of the most influentials members of the digital marketing industry. Very easy to understand, all at a good pace!

A fantastic course with a brilliant trainer - I came away from this with new ideas and tactics - couldn't recommend enough!

I would highly recommend this course. I actually came away knowing that I would use the information in the course and put some of the suggested tools and techniques in place....not just taking notes and forgetting about it. Very useful.

A fantastic course from which I learnt a lot. It will assist me in massively in my job role!

Enjoyable, interesting and thorough course. Recommended for anyone with an interest in social media.

The course was informative, interactive and perfectly tailored to suite my needs. By far the best social media course I've been on.

The course was fantastic - I can't recommend it enough. There were so many ideas and suggestions provided throughout the day, we can now completely transform our social media channels and strategy.

A worthwhile course, even for people with roles that do not involve the day to day mangement of social media but may be working on the strategy behind it- like me!

I was really impressed with this course, feel I gained a lot of knowledge to share with my colleagues!

A useful course from which I took a number of tips on how to improve the use of social media within my company.

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