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Search By Image With Google Images

15 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Google has announced an enhancement to its image search facility allowing users to upload a picture or paste a URL to a picture and search for similar images.

SEOmoz Google Ranking Factors 2011 Update

3 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

SEOmoz has updated its Google ranking factors survey 2009 with the following presentation from SMX Elite Sydney with some very interesting findings.

Google Correlate Tool Helps Search Marketers

2 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

This week Google announced a great new tool called Google Correlate which gives users correlation search data by time and region (although currently it’s only showing data from the US).

The 40 Best Error 404 Pages

1 June 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Error 404 pages – otherwise known as page missing or page not found – are an inevitable part of web design and search engine optimisation.

We’ve looked at lots of error 404’s and here’s our list of the best 40 we could find, scored in no particular order on the basis either good design, good copy, humour, originality, customer engagement or a combination of all of these.

The Kindle-Reading Social Media Army Is Coming…

27 May 2011, Sara Linfoot

Amazon KindleIn May 2011, Amazon announced it had sold more Kindles in the previous 12 months than paper or hardback books.  With this rapid change (the Kindle was launched in November 2007), comes a revolution in reading. The Kindle is opening a whole new way to connect across the web, sharing what you love to read with a very exclusive group.

100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs

23 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Check out the following presentation courtesy of Hubspot.

How Accountable Is Your SEO Agency?

23 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Anyone involved in digital marketing will know how much performance data is available to assist in tracking campaigns and ROI. The same applies to search engine optimisation where SEO’ers are provided a constant deluge of campaign data. Given this, you’d think that accountability wouldn’t be an issue as the truth is often seen in the numbers.

Wired’s Most Influential Figures In Britain’s Digital Economy

8 May 2011, Tracey Stern

Wired magazineI read the Wired Second Annual Survey on the UK’s Digital Power Brokers last weekend, with much interest. The list is published annually, and to my mind is a far more interesting read than Tatler’s 100 most eligible men and women in the UK, although admittedly, there may be a small amount of cross-over in each list.

The Twitter Effect on Global Media and Security

2 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Today’s killing of Osama Bin Ladan has for obvious reasons utterly dominated the press both online and offline. Filtering through the articles about the US operational details and political debate, I came across a Sky News article about a tweeter based in Abbottabad, Pakistan who unknowingly reported on the Bin Laden raid prior to it being completed. This story raises questions about the Twitter effect on global media and security.

Our Internet Vulnerability Reaches An All Time High

1 May 2011, Jonathan Saipe

Last week, I read rather bemused that a 75 year old woman in Georgia, who had never heard of the Internet, managed to sever the Internet connections in Georgia and neighbouring Armenia by cutting fibre optic cables when digging for scrap metal. Whilst outages are not uncommon, this event highlighted how a simple mistake can cause a large amount of disruption for both individuals and businesses who are increasingly reliant on Internet connectivity.


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