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Content Marketing – The Future Or Just Another Buzzword?

27 June 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Content Marketing slidesAs part of Emarketeers’ series of events on planning for digital change, Kelvin Newman reveals whether content marketing is just another fad or whether it simply cannot be ignored.

Half Yearly Review of 2013: 8 Digital Trends Marketers Need To Action

14 June 2013, Jonathan Saipe

digital trends 2013As we are mid-way through 2013, I thought I’d highlight some of the digital marketing trends we’ve seen most prominently over the past 6 months.

Argos – Gold Standard In Customer-Centric Systems

7 June 2013, Tracey Stern

Argos logoIt’s not often that I feel compelled to write a glowing brand review, but my recent dealings with Argos show a best-in-class case study of customer-centric systems working together to provide a fantastic end-to-end experience.

5 Ways To Re-Engage Customers Using Email Marketing

28 May 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Chain Reaction Cycles logoToday I received an email from Chain Reaction – a cycling etailer from whom I have purchased in the past – that instantly grabbed my attention. I haven’t shopped with them for a while, and as a subscriber, I was instantly impressed with their strategy and campaign.

They used 5 re-engagement techniques that I thought I’d share with you as a great case study of subscriber re-engagement.

When Brand Sponsorship Goes Wrong

4 April 2013, Tracey Stern

brand ambassadorWith an ever growing list of scandals from brand ambassadors including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and most recently Oscar Pistorius, does brand sponsorship need to be re-evaluated?

Feedly Fast Becoming The No.1 Alternative To Google Reader

18 March 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Feedly logoWith Google’s recent blog announcement that Google Reader will be retired on 1 July 2013, online conversations reached fever pitch last week with Google Reader trending on Twitter and searches for alternatives to Google Reader breaking out in search over the last 7 days.

How Twitter Is Changing TV Consumption & Planning

6 March 2013, Tracey Stern

Twitter and TVI may as well own up straight away – and please don’t judge me – but I love The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE). I don’t do spray tans or wear short skirts in the midst of winter (or frankly even in the summer), but I can’t miss an episode. And apparently, I’m not alone – figures released this week show that TOWIE is the most tweeted about programme on TV currently.

1O Common (And Sometimes Costly) AdWords Mistakes

5 March 2013, Jonathan Saipe

OopsHaving run dozens of PPC and AdWords courses, I thought I’d share some of the most common recurring issues I encounter with client campaigns. Such issues have the potential to reduce performance and inhibit ROI. I’ve short-listed the 10 most common AdWords mistakes in order of how frequently they occur.

Using Predatory Thinking To Outsmart The Competition [Slide Deck]

8 February 2013, Jonathan Saipe

Yesterday saw the first in a series of digital marketing events planned this year by Emarketeers, entitled “Using Predatory Thinking To Outsmart The Competition”. The slide deck can be viewed here.

How To Use rel=alternate hreflang For International SEO

10 January 2013, Jonathan Saipe

multilingual SEOIf you’re serving web content or web pages to different countries, it’s critical to get your local SEO right. As the mantra goes – Think Global Act Local.

Aside from local SEO issues, having similar content on multiple pages targeting different users around the world, might be considered duplicate content. So, to avoid any simlar content issues and to address local SEO best practices, it’s important to follow Google’s guidelines.


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